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The PTDC at Bengaluru with its next generation technology oriented workforce and state-of-the-art communication & sensor labs, has a core capability in Strategic Product & Systems development in the areas of Military Communication, Network Centric Warfare Systems and Sensors for NBCR detections and explosive detection.

The centre has technology and product development expertise in:

  • NBCR Sensors i.e IMS CAM
  • Digital Radio Technologies i.e. MODEMs, RF-Front Ends, Microwave Radios, Software Defines Radios (SDRs) & Cognitive Radios
  • Complex High Power Radio Communication Systems like ELF, VLF, HF e-LORAN
  • Tactical Adaptive Cellular Solutions (WiMAX, WCDMA, LTE, LTE-Advanced) with Handhelds to CPEs, Low power MANPACKs to High Power MACRO Base Stations
  • Futuristic Systems Software Defined Networking (SDN) & Software Defined Tactical Datacenters (SDTD)
  • Next Generation Networking Technologies i.e. Programmable Routers & Switches, Mesh & Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) Communications, Multimedia Systems (Voice & Video Servers, Secure Video Conferencing, Tactical Phones)
  • Vehicular Communication Electronics for Combat Mobility Platforms (Intercom Systems, Radios, Compute Units)
  • Military Encryption Including Cutting Edge COMSEC-TRANSEC & Network Security
    Tactical Software’s Network Management & Signal C2, Tactical Messaging, Algorithms & Middleware Frameworks
  • Cutting Edge C4I Simulation & Emulation
  • Tactical Communications, Battlefield Management and Other C4ISR subsystems

The centre comprises various working Groups – the Communication Group, the Networking Group, the Embedded Software & Hardware Development Group and the Mechanical & Product Conceptualisation Group.

Composite teams are formed out of these groups to deliver the products and technologies to meet the requirements of the D&A market. The composite teams are mentored by senior management with decades of experience to help achieve their goals.

Facilities and equipment at PTDC, Bengaluru:

  • Networking Lab
  • RF LAB
  • GIS/C4I Lab
  • Simulation Labs
  • Embedded Hardware Lab
  • Embedded Software Lab
  • Prototyping, Integration Bay & Testing Labs

Complete workflow involved in a typical prototype development is similar to work flow followed by PTDC present in Mumbai - Click here to view

Areas of Work and Expertise :

Software Development - We provide software development solutions which give our clients a high return on investment at our state-of-the-art Development Centre. We design and develop quality software for embedded systems and have specialization in real time computing.

Our core competency lies in:

  • Application Software Development
  • Device Driver Development
  • GUI Front-end Development
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Software Verification and Validation

Hardware Design Capabilities - We have considerable experience in hardware design, encompassing electronics and mechanical designs. Our hardware expertise extends to a full range of services, including functional specifications and requirement documentation, schematic layout, prototype manufacturing and testing. We have also designed embedded systems that employ micro-controllers/microprocessors and system interface control logic either in discrete logic or CPLDs / FPGAs.

Expertise in Hardware designing at Bengaluru Centre
Digital Design Analog Design FPGA/CPLD Design Communication Interface RF Circuit
  • Micoprocessors & controllers (Intel/ Freescale/ TI/ Microchip)
  • High speed bus - > 133MHz
  • DSPs - TI & Analog Device

  • Analog circuit designs for signal conditioning
  • ADC & DAC interface
  • Filter design
  • Power Supply design
  • Mixed signal designs handling both high speed digital and analog circuits and interfaces.
  • Designs up to 10 Million gate Verilog & VHDL coding
  • Xilinx, Altera, Actel, Lattce

  • RS232C
  • RS485
  • RS422
  • GPIB
  • SPI/I2C
  • Ethernet 10/100Mbps Tx/Fx
  • USB
  • cPCI/VME
  • IrDA
  • Up/Down converter
  • Power Amplifier
  • Power monitor
  • Filter Banks
  • VSS/ SystemVue/ ADS
  • V/UHF Band 3/4 RF design

Waveform Development Experience - PTDC, Bengaluru has developed Narrowband High Data rate OFDM Waveform for V/UHF Modem and Narrowband GMSK SCA Compliant Waveform. Waveform Application development uses the basic SCA core Framework and CORBA middleware.

Narrowband Waveforms Wideband Waveforms

Digital FM Waveform

  • Narrowband Waveform
  • Frequency Hopping V/UHF Voice Waveform
  • Support for Data/Voice
  • Interoperability with existing Radios for Voice

Wideband MANET Waveform

  • Support for simultaneous Data/Voice/Video
  • VoIP with SIP
  • MANET Waveform
  • Encryption Capabilities
  • Adaptive Power Control
  • QoS Support for Service

OFDM Waveform

  • Narrowband Waveform
  • Support for simultaneous Data/Voice
  • Developed for High Mobility scenarios
  • MANET Waveform
  • Spectral Efficient

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