Life @ L&T

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

At L&T you’ll notice diversity in our business and the people that come from different backgrounds and geographies.  People bring in diverse viewpoints and thought processes at work and deliver results working together as a team.  Our efforts are focused on sustaining and enhancing this diverse work environment. It introduces fresh perspectives and enables our people to integrate better in society.


Contributing as a Team

With the world shrinking and boundaries blurring, the business models are evolving and so are the organizations.  It’s no more about an individual result but the team achievement that drives business outcome. It’s all about coming together, networking and collaborating and working as a team to achieve a common goal in creating transformational projects for our Nation.


Excellence is fundamental

Excellence is fundamental in whatever we do at L&T and we take pride in the contributions we have made towards building our nation. Our people work hard and they are not afraid of the challenges they are faced with. It is this ability that brings in innovative thinking from the brilliant minds at work; leading to cutting edge technological products that we bring in the market delighting our customers.


Safety - Our No. 1 Priority

At L&T we have always been committed to health and safety of our employees, we were one of the earliest Company to start reporting Safety data in our Sustainability Reports. Today new technologies are ushering in new dimension of safety at our work sites. Using digital technologies, we are evolving proactive and planned programmes for safety that, along with environment and health, form the crux of our EHS system – an integral function of the organization.


Employee to Community Engagement

People form the core of all activities, achievements and value that it delivers to its stakeholders. It is their zeal, dedication and expertise that drives L&T’s growth prospects. With over 60% of our employees below the age of 30 years, we are an old company with young mind.

We stimulate and leverage the young intellectual capital by offering a health mix of opportunity, responsibility, growth and purpose. From work to wellness, from targets to team get-togethers, from challenges to charity; one gets engaged across levels in various initiatives held at L&T.

Our engagement activities don’t stop at our employees alone, we consider our employee families, our suppliers, vendors and customers as our main stakeholders.


Prioritizing Employee Development:

Learning & Development are the pillars which uphold the L&T’s capacity-building agenda.

Our well integrated learning and development initiatives enhances employee capabilities and nurtures both professional and behavioral competencies. At every step of our employees’ careers, we invest in them by offering learning avenues, thus expanding their skill sets to serve clients need better.

Here are some glimpses of Life at L&T