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L&T plays a critical role in the development and manufacture of avionics for the Indian Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) and the Light Utility Helicopter program. These systems are designed to enhance operational range and help pilots function more effectively on every mission.

Customized avionics solutions include:

  • Environment Control and Fuel Monitoring (ECFM) Controller with
    • Environment Control System – Control Panel (ECS-CP}
    • Ground Refuled Panel (GRP)
  • Cockpit Interface Unit (CIU)
  • UAV Communication Repeater (UCR)
  • Video Cards
  • Integrated Life Support System (ILSS) with Onboard Oxygen Generation System
  • Standby Instrument system (SIS)
  • Standby Engine Instrument (SEI)
  • Video Switching and Graphic Module (VSGM)