Missile Subsystems

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L&T Defence has had significant involvement in the manufacture of the key missile sub systems for DRDO, BDL and various global OEMs. L&T Defence has successfully demonstrated its capability to manufacture and realize systems & subsystems of Missiles, such as Integrated Propulsion System Hardware, Air Frames, Electromechanical assemblies, Fin Actuation Systems, Containers, Canisters, using varied metals including exotic metals and advanced composites.

Propulsion Systems

L&T Defence has been associated with DRDO & BDL programmes for more than 3 decades for the manufacturing of various propulsion systems. We have significant experience in manufacturing complex propulsion systems having two sections i.e. Booster Motor & Sustainer Motor along with critical hardware like Air Intakes and Fairings.

We have dedicated manufacturing infrastructure for propulsion systems at our Coimbatore facility, with process automation to realize about one propulsion system a day.

Air Frames

L&T Defence has experience in engineering & manufacturing Wings & Airframes for various DRDO programmes. Using indigenously developed processes and technology, we have manufactured airframes (equipment bay and ram air compression duct) and transport launch canisters.

L&T Defence also manufactures missile structures used to house the electromechanical systems, wiring harness, fins and actuators for the missile.

Electromechanical Assemblies

L&T Defence has experience in manufacturing of complex electromechanical assemblies used for missiles and missile launchers. We also manufacture electromechanical assemblies for foreign OEMs for their missile programmes.

Fin Actuation System

L&T Defence has experience in manufacturing Fin Actuation Systems; this system directs the Control Surfaces (Fin) through individual electric motors according to the commands of the On-Board Computer in order to hit the target.

The thrust vectoring vanes are connected in parallel to the control surface via dedicated kinematic chain. On board control electronics command the individual motors to rotate and position the control surface and jet vane based on the missile target tracking system.

Control Surfaces

We have experience in manufacturing Fins for DRDO programmes. Fins play a major role in missile travel & maneuvering.