Unmanned Aerial Systems & Targets

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L&T intends to cater the needs of the Indian MoD and the Indian Armed Forces for UAVs and Targets through technological alliances with OEMs and through in-house development. We have successfully demonstrated our capability to manufacture UAV Airframes and other subsystems and are actively pursuing similar programmes for MoD, Research Labs and Indian Armed Forces. As a part of our focus on supporting indigenous systems and products through the ‘Make in India’ initiative, we have obtained Design Approval from CEMILAC to undertake Design & Development of Avionics, Aero-Structures, Control Systems & Software, Mechanical Systems and Airborne Systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Tactical UAV

L&T is developing an in-house Tactical UAV system to offer to the Indian Armed forces. Our design will have several advantages such as Automatic take-off / landing from standard runway at 10,500 ft. with full payload, will be built to STANAG 4671 standard and designed for Indian conditions.

System Description :

  • 2 Aerial Vehicles
  • Payload Suite
  • Gimballed Electro-optic/Infrared (EO/IR) camera
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
  • Electronic Warfare Support Measures (ESM)
  • 1 Ground Control Station
  • 1 Ground Data Terminal
  • 2 Remote Video Terminals

Key Specifications : 

  • Max take-off weight - 700 kg
  • Wingspan - 15 m
  • Max. payload - 140 kg
  • Max. endurance - 11 hours
  • Maximum speed - 60 m/s (115 knots)
  • Service ceiling - 7.6 km (25,000 feet)

Aerial Targets

Through its wide and varied expertise in assembly and integration of electromechanical systems, flying systems, as well as assimilation of technology from DRDO labs and foreign OEMs, L&T Defence is well positioned to supply Aerial Targets.