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L&T offers the complete suite of helicopter handling equipment, configured for a range of helicopters. The Helicopter Handling Systems can be customized for Destroyers, Frigates, Corvettes, and Offshore patrol vessels.

Helicopter Landing Grid

  • Assists in helicopter landing at high seas
  • Designed and manufactured in conformance to STANAG 1276 HOS

Helicopter Traversing and Securing System

  • The Helicopter Traversing & Securing system provides safe movement of the helicopter from the landing area to the hangar & vice versa.
  • Available in two variants: Railed and Rail-less
  • Suitable for handling both nose wheel and tail wheel configuration of helicopters.

 Rolling Hanger Shutter

  • Manufactured using high strength Aluminum alloy
  • Light in weight - suitable for Corvettes and OPV class of ships

 Foldable Hangar Door

  • Blast proof doors made-up of high strength NVF 690 steel
  • Electro hydraulically operated foldable doors



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