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This stabilised aluminium platform for shipborne Radar Antenna Systems, for compensating ship motions on the high seas, has been designed and realised in-house by L&T.

The correction in both roll and pitch is achieved by using two servo-controlled hydraulic actuators that are connected to the structure in such a way that pitch correction takes place by the motion of the actuators in the same direction and roll correction happens by differential motion of the actuators. The design is highly optimised for both weight and accuracy criteria. The Stabilised Platform is mounted on the ship mast for Radar Antenna deployment.

Key Features

  • Compensates for ship motions of roll (±20 degrees) and pitch (±5 deg.) while keeping the Antenna levelled within ±0.5 degrees
  • Stabilisation is achieved through 2-axis gimbal using two servo-controlled hydraulic actuators
  • Drive System caters for positioning and azimuth rotation
  • Platform is designed for ~ 2.5 ton of payload
  • To meet stringent weight requirements, the platform has been constructed in Aluminium
  • A ship motion simulator has been developed for real-time testing of the stabilisation platforms along with its payload

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